Deworming at regular intervals help keep the body in good shape and also help it avoid worm infestation, an health problem that could turn fatal. Worms are found in the human digestive tracts and around the system among other parasites that could cause harm to the body when unattended to. “Some worms including roundworms which can cause a dry cough and wheezing, hookworm can cause iron deficiency, some rare worms that can cause severe damage to one’s health and so on”.
It is very important to deworm and aside deworming regularly, there are foods that can help you deworm naturally without any side effect. Below are some foods to help you deworm.
Water and lime/lemon: You can drink water mixed with lime or lemon every day in a week to flush out and get rid of the worms in your gut. Taking lime/lemon water every day is good for overall body health and the immune system, endeavour to drink it on empty stomach.
Blended Carrots: “Carrots are loaded with Beta Carotene and Vitamin A that help clean the digestive tract, blend carrots often and drink to cleanse the intestine and flush out intestinal worms”. You can also eat carrots regularly or you can blend carrot and drink the juice as well as the pulp on empty stomach every day in a week to get rid of worms.
Coconut oil: This will help to flush out unwanted bits from your body, take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil every day for a week to flush out tapeworms. Coconut oil is known to get rid of 90% of intestine parasites in less than a day.
Ginger: “Ginger has fast become a medicinal food and works well to clean the guts, eating a small piece of ginger first thing in the morning for a week straight before eating food works to get rid of worms and other parasites in the body, it’s used to deworm naturally”.
Garlic: Garlic is known to work exceptionally well to clean out one’s guts and intestine parasites and it is also used to deworm naturally, Just eat 3 cloves of garlic on an empty stomach early in the morning to help clean out your digestive tract. You can also crush and keep the crushed garlic inside your shoes or directly under your keep to help keep worms at bay.
Other foods you can use to deworm yourself include eating pawpaw seed, using castor oil.
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