For decades, we have been told that milk is good for the body and it helps us to maintain healthy bones and teeth but have you ever thought that they could have been misleading us all these years? No doubt that milk is good for growing children but for adult research have suggested that drinking milk every day can shorten one’s life.
If you are the type that drinks every day, here are some reasons for you to stop now.
Milk can make you feel bloated: When you are very young, your body is designed to be able to cope with and digest milk, but as you grow older, you lose your ability to digest it properly, the milk sits in your stomach for too long and the sugars in it also ferment and it can cause bloating and gas.
It does not make your bones any stronger: As a child, the bone is still growing so the calcium in milk is highly needed but as one grow older, one get enough calcium from healthy and balanced diet so the extra calcium of milk is not needed again.
Milk can cause acne and cause new breakouts.

Drinking milk can cause you to put on weight.
Milk increases the risk of heart disease: “All dairy products are high in cholesterol and saturated fats, and that can lead to clogging of arteries and heart disease”.
Milk can increase the risk of ovarian cancer: “When the lactose in milk is digested in the body, it breaks down into galactose, which is thought to be toxic to the cells in the ovaries”.

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