Got cracked feet? The dry season is not the only time your feet can get dry and peel. “Peeling feet is not just because of dry weather, here are some causes of peeling feet you should know about”.
Excess perspiration: “Excess sweating can lead to foot infections that in turn can cause peeling of the feet, it would mean that apart from the humidity, your workout regime can contribute to peeling of the feet”.
Fungal infections: Fungal infection is one of the most common causes of peeling feet. Most times, peeling feet is the only symptom of a fungal infection, it might not even itch you so if your feet start peeling, check with your doctor.
Strappy heels: Most ladies love wearing strappy shoes not knowing that anything that causes friction can give them blisters which will automatically lead ti skin peeling. “Don’t wear such shoes for too long and don’t let the strap dig into your skin”.
Dehydration: Dehydration not only decreases your metabolism and make you tired but it also leads to breakouts and peels off your skin. Be sure that you are well hydrated always to prevent your skin from peeling.

Sunburn: “Sunburns can also lead to peeling of the skin so while you may lather your back and shoulders with a sunscreen, do not forget to apply it on your feet”.
Eczema: “Eczema is a skin condition that can lead to peeling, itching and dryness of skin all over your body including the soles of your feet”. While eczema is common in children, one can also develop it at any age.

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