Here are step by step process on how to cornrow your hair
1 Part your hair

2 Take the front section of hair in your hand.
3 Separate the hair into three sections
4 Position your fingers to have two strands in one hand and the third strand in your other hand.  
5 In your hand with one strand, use your middle finger to go behind the middle stand of hair.
6 With that middle finger behind the middle section, bring it forward and in from of the strand of hair furthest away
7 Grab the furthest strand of hair, wrapping your finger around it.
8 Take the middle strand of hair and wrap it on the outside of the middle strand of hair.
9 Take the hand holding the middle section and use your middle finger to grab the strand of hair located the furthest away from the middle of your head.

10 Grab the piece of hair furthest away from the middle of your head with your middle finger
11 Bring the strand of hair back inward to create a braid
12 Continue this movement back and forth to create numerous strands of braids
13 Remember to divide the sections into three parts before beginning to braid each section.  

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