If you are concerned about belly fat, or any other fat on your body, here are 3 fat­ storing meals you will want to avoid. The three meals I’m discussing today have high calorie counts. Since your body will want to store the excess calories in the form of fat, you should avoid eating them on a regular basis. If you choose to eat fat­ burning food instead, it can help you reduce belly fat and contribute to weight loss.
I’ve included 2 fat­ burning meals you will want to add to your diet to help you reduce body fat. They will not only help you maintain an ideal body weight, but also give you extra vitamins and minerals to help you get and stay healthy.
Let’s get started with the 3 fat­ storing meals to avoid.

Fat ­storing meal #1: Fufu
Why is Fufu #1 on my fat­ storing food list? The short answer is…it adds calories fast! To understand why eating Fufu is a problem, let’s look at what Fufu is and how it is commonly eaten in West Africa and Nigeria. Fufu is a byproduct of processed cassava. Cassava is mostly made of carbohydrates (78%). An average portion of cassava made into a wrap is about 200 calories. When Fufu is eaten as a wrap, people often eat two or more at a time (double or triple the calories) and they eat it with soup (even more calories). An average meal of two Fufu wraps combined with a traditional fatty soup could easily result in far too many calories for only one meal.

Fat ­storing meal #2: Banga with edible cooked starch
Unfortunately, this favorite meal is a problem for anyone concerned with their body weight. It is a heavy in combination of fats and carbohydrates. One problem is that the soup, Banga, is prepared using Palm nuts. The oil found in Palm nuts has 130 calories per tablespoon. That’s a lot of calories packed in one tablespoon! If you have a batch of Banga soup containing 10­15 tablespoons of Palm oil, you could be getting in excess of 1500 calories just from the Palm nuts. That doesn’t count the additional calories you’ll be getting from the other ingredients in the soup. The other problem is the edible cooked starch eaten with Banga. It can easily contain 500 calories. Your whole meal could quickly go over 2000 calories. Not a good way to stay trim!

Fat ­storing meal #3: Egusi and pounded yam
Here is another soup made with nut oil…this time peanut oil. In fact, the majority of the calories found in Egusi are from the fat calories found in the nuts. While pounded yams have very few fat calories, they are high in carbohydrates. Pounded yam can quickly fill your allowed daily portion of carbohydrates. Now you know why you should avoid these three fat­storing meals if you are worried about your weight. They are high in fats and carbohydrates that add up quickly to more than enough calories for one meal… or for one day. If you want reach and maintain a healthy body weight, add these fat­burning meals to your diet. Don’t worry, they are delicious as well as healthy.

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