Are you the type that often skips daily bath? You are wondering who does that, I guess but people do skip bathing everyday. I remembered while in school, I had a friend who doesn’t bath everyday and when asked why she does not have a bath every day she said, she doesn’t want her skin to fade off due to every day scrubbing (funny excuse) and overtimeI have gotten to know most people are like that.
“There are times when one feel too tired to get up from the bed and the thought of breaking the daily ritual and skipping bath occurs invariably, isn’t it? Well, you should know that bathing doesn’t just keep you fresh and smelling good, but also serves to keep you fit and healthy”.
Still doubting why you still need to bath everyday? here are things you miss when you skip bathing.
Reduces muscle tension: “A simple warm bath can help you to reduce the number of trips to a physiotherapist because bathing reduces tension on overstretched muscles and it helps to heal sore muscles by relaxing them and improves flexibility or elasticity of muscles, especially when you bathe after exercising”.
Improves blood circulation: “Immersing yourself in a tub filled with water increases blood circulation to the limbs and helps in the nourishment of damaged cells at the extremities and with increased blood circulation, the blood pressure reduces and the heart function also improves”.

Boosts the immune system: A cold shower can also benefit you a lot, research showed that taking a cold shower on regular basis can stimulate the vascular and lymph system to produce more numbers of immune cells that fight infections and this can decrease your chances of falling sick.
Impacts reproductive health in men: “Want to improve libido? Take a cold shower daily, studies showed that the levels of male hormone testosterone increased greatly in men who took cold showers”.
Improves lung function: With every splash of cold water that you pour on your head while bathing, an automatic reflex action sets in which forces you to breathe deeply with a quick pause and when cold water hits you, you instantly tend to hold your breath for a couple of seconds which is  followed by deep exhalation and this opens up your lungs and increases the uptake of oxygen.
Helps to reduce stress: One can actually get rid of one’s worries and tension by taking a bath, studies showed that the levels of stress markers (cortisol and chromogranin) are reduced significantly in people who took their bath after 60 minutes.

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