you like or not apart from the fact that we ladies dress to impress and oppress our fellow ladies we also dress to impress guys and score us pass marks especially when we are on a date.
” So if you have an event with a special male in your life, have in mind that certain colours convey many things to men both in good and bad lights.”
Here are colours guys like to see on their ladies.
Black: Most men love basic black because although the colour is plain and simple it oozes of se xiness, sophistication and class on people especially women.
Red: Red shows the boldness, confidence and femininity in a woman. Boldness and confidence because not every lady can rock red without looking tacky but those that can make red stand out makes it se xy and heart warming.

White: Men love white because white is a clean, classy and timeless colour.
Pink: Men love pink on women because it is flirty, feminine, soft and when combine well it goes a long way.

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