We all want healthy and glowing skin but do we work for that kind of skin? “NO is going to be the answer for most women”.
If you are the type that doesn’t have the time to take special care of your skin, then stop doing the things listed below as it will only worsen your skin condition.
Picking your blemishes/pimples: “I know the urge of popping that pimple is real but please stop yourself, the marks it will leave behind will take forever to go”.
Over-exfoliation: “We all know how important exfoliation is for your skin but exfoliating more than required won’t only steal the natural moisture but also will make your skin look lifeless.
Sleeping with makeup on: “This is the worst thing you could be doing to your skin, it will only block your pores and increase the risk of breakouts and it will also leave you with itchy, dry skin”.
Using age-old makeup brushes: “Clean your makeup brushes regularly, you have no idea about the amount of bacteria lingering on your makeup brushes, you don’t want them on your face”.
Using expired makeup products: “Yes, most of us do this unknowingly, we forget to check the expiry date of the makeup products and keep using it till it finishes and same applies to the makeup tools, no matter how terrible it feels to throw away that expensive box compact, just DO IT”.

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