Here are some tips you need to consider before braiding your hair

1. Make sure your hair is healthy
If your hair is unhealthy hold on for a while before braiding, especially when its long braid.

2.Ensure to go to a professional hairstylist
Many people claim they can braid but most of them are not good at it. ensure to do your research about the stylist, See his or her hand work 1st to know if you will like it. Braid should never be too tight or uncomfortable, if your stylist can't make your hair without causing you pain, then he or she is not good for you.

3. Wash and condition
 Be sure to give your scalp a good scrub, removing any residue that might be there.  This is much easier to do without a head full of extensions.  Use a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt and oil from your hair. Condition afterwards to add moisture back to your hair.  Your conditioner might also have other properties that your hair needs: moisturizing, protein, etc.

4. Deep condition
This is your last chance to add extra strength and moisture to your hair before you braid it.  This final conditioner will also spend the most time in your hair, so use this step to inject any extra ingredients that could benefit your hair.  While you should give the conditioner at least 20 minutes to work, you don’t need to deep condition your hair overnight.  In lieu of this step, you could also pre-poo or use a leave-in treatment several hours before you braid.  This will add extra slip to your strands, which will aid with the installation process.

5. Detangle thoroughly
Detangle your hair as much as possible, for two reasons.  If you haven’t detangled your hair enough, your stylist will, most likely with one of those fine-toothed combs that spell breakage for natural hair.  Avoid the pain, the extra time, and the possible breakage by detangling your hair yourself.

6. Don't braid your hair right after relaxing 
Some people relax their hair just because they want to braid. Relaxing your hair before you get braid is very wrong. Relaxers stretchers the elasticity of the hair, which may cause root breakage if you braid immediately after relaxing, it is advisable to wait for at least some weeks  before getting braids so you will have at least half an inch of new growth.

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