“If your oily complexion is getting you down, you are not alone, because oily skin is a very common problem and fortunately for people like us, there are lots of things that you can do to reduce the shine and achieve that matte complexion that you have been dreaming of”.
Here are some easy beauty tips to achieve that beautiful and flawless matte skin you’ve ever wanted.
Keep your hands away from your face because your hands are constantly coming into contact with dirt, germs and grease that you automatically transfer to your face and skin without even knowing, so it is better to keep your hands away from your face if not you will be making an oily complexion worse and also cause breakouts to your skin.
Don’t over-wash your face: “When you are in a constant battle with an oily face, it can make you feel like you want to wash your face every five minutes, but avoid that temptation, because you are actually making the oiliness worse, if you over-wash your face, your oil production glands will go into overdrive trying to replace those natural oils that you keep washing off and you’ll end up in a fight with your oily skin that you just can’t win”.
Don’t use harsh soaps or harsh facial cleanser.

Avoid oil based makeup and choose mineral based product instead.
Don’t stop moisturising.
Don’t forget to exfoliate.
Carry oil-blotting sheets with you always.

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