Bold jewellery: “Bold jewellery is the answer if you want to make a statement but that statement doesn’t justify the harm a pair of heavy earrings, necklace or bracelet may be doing to you, unduly heavy earrings can cause your earlobes to expand and can cause severe pain within a few hours of wearing them and a necklace that’s too heavy for your slender neck can leave you with a spinal ache and strain”.
Tight skirt: Health malfunctions can also be caused by an overly fitting skirt which can look tasteful but cause so much discomfort, a skirt that is tight at the waist can cause breathing problems as similar to what an ill-fitting bra can cause.
Ill fitting bra: “A wrong bra can do much more damage than no bra, it can cause nerve damage, poor posture problems, pain in and around the neck, shoulder and back and breast sagging and while you are wearing them, it may even cause breathing problems and confidence issues”.
Thongs: “Thongs have been proven to cause Urinary Tract Infections and also slow recovery from the infection, in cases where they may be worn frequently or if the person is particularly sensitive, it has even been responsible for haemorrhoids”.

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