In a world full of DIY everything, it is becoming difficult to separate the DIYs you should attempt and one shouldn’t attempt. “You could try to do everything yourself, but there are some things you should probably leave to professionals, a lot of those things involve skincare, there are great skincare DIYs out there, like making an avocado face masks and using coconut oil as a moisturiser but there are a lot of terrible ones that include ingredients that should never even go near your gorgeous face”.
Even though some kitchen ingredients are totally fine, but there are some you need to leave out of your beauty routines and below are some of them.
Lemon: “Lemon juice can brighten your skin, however, it’s highly acidic and dangerous to your skin, lemon juice can cause severe dryness, burning, blisters, and even phytophotodermatitis, which is basically a serious burn that occurs when certain botanical substances react with UV rays”.
Baking soda: “There are tons of DIY face scrubs and masks with baking soda as an ingredient but baking soda has a pH of 9, meaning it can strip all the good acid out of your face, increase dryness, and end up causing your skin to overproduce oil”.
Eggs: “Putting egg whites in your face mask probably won’t make your skin fall off, but using eggs in combination with other ingredients can cause adverse reactions while eggs are fairly safe and can tighten your skin, if they’re not preserved correctly, you may experience not-so-pleasant results”.
Salt ot sugar: “Sugar and salt are awesome exfoliating ingredients for your body, mix some coconut oil with brown sugar, and you’ve got a killer body scrub but don’t you dare put those granules on your face as they are too harsh for the skin on your face, which is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your body”.
Mayonnaise: “Mayonnaise is too thick for your face, can clog your pores, and will make you break out, save it for your hair”.

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