Women love heels because it can transform any outfit from ordinary to sophisticated and transform it into an elegant zone so it’s safe to say that almost every woman wear high heels at some point in their life.
So to all fashionistas that wear high heels often, you know heels can get uncomfortable and outright painful sometimes but did you can actually avoid heel pain? Here are some mistakes to avoid when working heels.
Wearing a size too small: “There are just some shoes that we love and can’t take our eyes off, even if they are not the right fit for us, let it go sweethearts, you will always get another shoe that might even be finer because this will save you from unnecessary blisters and pain”.

Wearing a size too big: We all know that oversized shoes that you keep so when your legs grow, the shoes will still fit, “wearing an oversize shoe can also cause blisters and you could strain your muscles trying to prevent the shoe from slipping, if it’s just a little bit bigger, you can invest in shoe pads but if not, let the shoe go”.
Breaking in: “The cardinal rule of new high heels, before you wear them to an all-night event, spend time wearing them around the house so your feet can adjust”.

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