Social media has made dating very easy, you can easily connect with anybody you like and build something serious depending on your approach and tactics, so sliding into someone’s DM is no longer a news to all social media users.
But if you are just hearing about the popular sliding into someone’s DM, it a word used in describing an act of starting a private conversation with someone on social media platforms inside of using the person’s timeline where other people can see your conversation.
So if you want to slide into someone’s DM and achieve success like Banky did in Adesua Etomi’s case, here are some rules you have to abide by to get that babe of your dream on social media.
Your first line should be dope and must be the icebreaker, don’t start throwing endearing words at her. Hollup guys, you are just getting to know her and she does not even know you so those endearing words might make her ignore you.
Do away with those wack handles/names like “@emekatoomuchmoney @Taiwobillionaire @Jiderunningthings @TheDonOfLagos @DonMoney @Sexyforthegirls @JoeSexyAss @Mikesixpacks,”, it only portrays you as a fake guy who is only out to waste a girl’s valuable time.
The content of your page must be dope, no girl will take a guy that is busy flaunting shirtless six packs pictures, a stack of money, alcohol or gold chains serious.
Go straight to the point, don’t beat about the bush and don’t waste her time and yours because random messages from a guy always signal something so be direct and go straight to introducing yourself eg  “Hi, my name is Opeyemi Famakin. Can I know you better?”.

These days tribes do not matter and people rarely care about tribe or religion so feel free to slide into any girls DM unless something on her bio or post suggests otherwise.
Stay away from all these religious visions and belief Christian brothers uses, you didn’t see her in your dreams nor is God telling you to DM her so cut that off your tactics.
Stay away from abbreviating your messages, it can be annoying, you are not talking to a secondary school girl and if you can take your time to DM, kindly take your time not to abbreviate. Native dialects are extra points
“Native dialects are extra points, well this depends on the babe’s DM you are sliding into, “famzing” in a shared local dialect could unlock the door and get you her attention but never forget, people are different, some ladies don’t care”.
Humour and wit will always make you win, every lady like a guy who is sarcastic and funny and with that, you can easily get the attention of any lady and give you a great chance with her.
Lastly, don’t overdo it, keep your conversation simple or you might loose the girl before your conversation gets anywhere.

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