Saturdays are for wedding and other owambe parties because there is always one activity or the other and it usually isn’t only weddings that happen on Saturdays, there are also naming ceremonies, burial ceremonies, luncheons, exhibitions you name it.
While there might be tons of activities, majority of these activities are traditional based, what this means is that there are several aso ebi styles flying all around on Saturdays. Aso ebi has become a famous wear all over the ffashion industry as it makes owambe parties more distingish and colourful, it is rare for one to attend an owambe party in Nigeria these days without the popular aso ebi which is why everyday you get to see tons and tons of different dazzling styles all round.
As usual, I have packaged different aso ebi styles to make you dazzle at any owambe party you attend. Be inspired.


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