We are in the holiday period for easter but your preparation should not be limited to the outfits you would wear for easter hangout/parties, food you would eat and places you would visit with your family, friends and loved ones.
You also need to start preparing your skin during this break to make it look good and feel ultra-gorgeous during the break and when you resume back to work. So why not begin to give yourself that nice easter beauty treats your skin deserves. Here are ways to treat your skin right during this easter break.
“Cut down on sugary food and those high in fats”.
“To ensure your skin glows during this easter break, do not forget to moisturise”.
“Begin to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, this will help you attain vibrant, glowing and healthy skin”.
“Exfoliation will help your skin regenerate and slough away dead skin cells, there are different ways and products to exfoliate your skin with but it is Skiimportant to opt for one that suits your skin type, it is also important to moisturise afterwards to keep the skin well hydrated”.

“Using natural home-made facial mask is great for softening the skin, it is simple and cheap to make since they are made from ingredients you already have at home and this could be done twice a week to achieve a good result”.
“Drink plenty of water preferably with a slice of lemon or ginger about thrice a week especially in the mornings, it will not only give the water taste but also help the body to remove accumulated toxins and it would keep your skin looking healthy and fresh”.
“Use an intensive skin-clarifying cream, preferably, a skin cream with salicylic acid which helps speed up the appearance of fresh, new skin while gently removing dead skin cells and relieving clogged pores”.
“Get a body massage, this would not only relieve accumulated stress but also make your skin fresh, rejuvenated and glow, having a great skin is probably the ultimate gift you can give yourself this easter break”.

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