bridal hair1
very woman’s dream is to look perfect on her wedding day because a wedding marks the beginning of a very important journey in a woman’s life.  When you are planning your look for the day, you should choose a style that will make you look beautiful and confident. Something less than a perfect hairstyle cannot be justified for your big day.
bridal hair5
It is generally perceived that weaves make a better bridal hairstyle, well, who says you can’t look better with braids. Many might think that braids is not proper for such an occasion but do we have to always stick to some rules made out of someone else’s preference. I feel that your choices should not be limited, you should have varieties of option to choose from.
bridal hair3
A lot of people go for weaves because it is the norm, also because it is easier to pull off. I would say braids  for a bride would take a daring person  and someone who wants a different look for her day. If you a are a bride- to- be and you are wondering if you can pull it off, I’m sure you can.
bridal hair2
When it comes to hairstyles you shouldn’t have limited choices,  You should choose whatever style you think would make you feel and look good.

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