Nigeria is a big country united and filled with so many cultures and traditions; Originated from various tribes from the east to the west to the north and the south there are a lot of cultures scattered about. Among these tribes are the Igbo people, one of the most popular and major tribe in Nigeria.
The Igbo (or ibo as pronounced by non-indigenes) have scores of history as they are one of the oldest tribes in the history of Nigeria. Numerically it can be said that the Igbo people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria and Africa as a whole; therefore this should help you understand that they have a lot to offer historically.

One of the top most celebrated event of the Igbo people is the traditional wedding. For this tribe, weddings are a big deal because they signify the union of families and communities. Its more about the family and community than it is about the couples. They often believe that a huge celebration is ideal and so they go all the way. This should give you an understanding behind this glamorous Igbo ceremony.

As a bride from the east you already know and understand that your culture demands that you look like a princess on your wedding day whether you belong to a royal family or not, therefore you should take proper care into putting your look together. So also your bridesmaids and here are some inspiring igbo bridesmaids attires for your traditional wedding…igbo9Sequin

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