“Do you notice an extra fold of skin between your arms and your b00bs when you put on your bra? While you cannot spot reduce the armpit fat, you can work towards working out your entire body which would have an effect on the area”.
Here are a few tips to help you get rid of that extra fold of skin between your arms and your b00bs.
Work your chest: “To get rid of armpit fat, you need to focus on your chest muscles, to work your chest, try moves like pull-ups, chin-ups and cable pull-downs, be sure to perform as many repetitions of these exercises as you can”.
Work your back: “You also need to work your back so that the fat does not jiggle on your armpit, for your back, perform the bench press, push ups and shoulder press”.
Lift heavy weights: “The best way to burn fat from your upper body is to lift heavier weights with a moderate number of repetitions, choose a weight that you can complete eight to twelve repetitions with proper form”.
Perform high-intensity cardio: “Performing high-intensity cardio workouts like interval training, and boot camp can help you quickly burn fat from your armpit as well as your entire body, so an interval workout can be more efficient than just running on a treadmill”.
Strength train: “Strength training will help increase your muscle mass, boost your metabolism and help you burn overall calories, focus on working the largest muscle groups to burn the most calories possible and you can work those powerhouses with moves like squats, lunges, chest press, and rows”.

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