http://fashionpheeva.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Sunday-Style-4-fashionpheeva.pngWhat do you have in mind for this week? Hows your Sunday look going to be like? Wednesday was ash Wednesday and so in christian dom its a time for rejoicing and sober reflection therefore your attire should reflect this states. Now I would tell you to pull out the big guns if this Sunday were to be an ordinary Sunday but its not and so we must think carefully about what we want to wear.
There’s no need to remind you of the importance of modesty to the christian (or general religious) community and since we already know this lets move on to the appropriate look for the day. Considering that we must be as comfortable as possible, I’ve selected some interesting pieces that you can wear to church.
These looks are quite simple really and they are just as fashionable only less bulky and boisterous check them out below;
Your church outfit should be simple; pair an off the shoulder top with a full skirt… Finish off with a brooch if you must but remember to keep your look simple.
An embellished Ankara dress would be a perfect church outfit, however because of the embellishment there is no need for loud accessories. 


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