The eyelashes are just like the hair on your head, if you maltreat them they will fall off. You can have thick, strong and long eyelashes naturally without spending too much money, you just have to some extra steps into your beauty routine and you might not need false lashes ever again. 
Here are beauty tips to help strength and protect your lashes.
Remove all makeup at night: Alway remember all remove your makeup at night before bed, when you don’t remove your makeup your lashes might get pull out by your bedspreads and when removing your makeup, avoid tugging at your lashes so you break them.

Stay away from eyelash curlers: Lashes curler weaken your lashes and leave them to damage so stay away from lashes curler.

Brush your eyelashes 2 times in a day: Brush your lashes regularly like you brush your hair. “Brushing spreads your natural oils over the full length of the lashes and it also helps to stimulate blood flow to the follicles of the hairs”. “You can use an eyelash brush for this, or a clean mascara wand will do the job just as well”.
Stay away from false eyelashes: False lashes look great but they damage your natural eyelash, anytime you use false lashes you increase the risk of pulling your own lashes. Stay away from false lashes and your natural lashes will grow faster and stronger.
Massage your eyelids: Gently massage your eyelids with your fingers but be sure your hands are clean before doing, massaging your eyelids will help improve the flow of blood in your eyelashes and also make them thick and strong.
Olive oil: Condition your lashes with olive oil, it will do them a whole lot of good. “Olive oil is pure and natural, so it’s perfectly safe to use around your eyes”. Put some olive oil on a cotton wool ball, dab on your lashes and leave for 10-15 mins, it will help grow, nourish and moisturise.
Healthy diet: “What you eat and drink can also make a big difference to the health of your eyelashes”. Eat a balanced diet, fresh fruits, vegetables and drink lot of water so you can be hydrated for your lashes growth.

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