https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/bc/bf/39/bcbf3967e057ce0106b7fc90e708902b.jpgWhile you may be of the opinion that the extra coat of mascara which you applied at the last moment may be doing the trick but you bae might think otherwise or maybe he just likes your lashes the way they are, without all those extra efforts.
Contrary to popular belief that men do not notice a number of beauty mistakes that eventually are most likely to turn them off, they may not let you know, but such mistakes may make you come across to them as someone who’s trying too hard to impress them which is not good for you.
So be you stay miles away from all these beauty blunders listed below as men notice them.
Too much perfume: “Finishing half the bottle of perfume on a single date night is perhaps not a good idea, smelling like a garden won’t help, especially if he’s trying to snuggle in so babes, spare his nasal glands some relief by keeping your perfume game on a lower level”.
Foundation:  “A foundation colour that doesn’t match your skin tone means a gross violation of the cardinal rule of makeup, this one is a strict no, not just for men, but for everybody! You don’t want your guy to advise you to get your makeup basics right, do you?”
Makeup: “An overdose of eye-makeup, especially when it’s not the occasion, makes a woman look like a wannabe, a formal dinner date is still permissible, but it doesn’t make sense to flaunt all your eye makeup skills when you’re on a casual shopping date”.
Eyelashes: “Thick, long eyelashes have a charm of their own, but mascara clumps are a total disaster! don’t wave off the matter assuming that your man isn’t observant enough… because he is”.
Dry skin: “Dry, un-moisturized skin will not help you in bringing you physically closer to your guy, scaly elbows, cracked heels and chapped lips won’t impress anyone, let alone bae”.
Hair: “When on a date, flaunt your hair just the way they are, do not waste your time on hairdos that will end up in making your hair look stiff and too high-maintenance”.
Now that you have read about the beauty mistakes that you should be steering clear of, don’t say that we didn’t warn you”!

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