1.)   The first task is to create a flat surface for the wig to sit on. You can braid your hair down, mold it, or apply a stocking cap and/or wig liner. Most prefer molding or wrapping the hair when wearing a straight unit and braiding it when the unit is curly. The decision is yours.....

2.)   Next cleanse your forehead perimeter with alcohol. this will

create a clean oil free surface which will be better for the adhesive to adhere to.

3.) All the hair of the wig hair should be pinned up before placing on your head. This will eliminate the hair from falling and sticking to the glue. be especially careful of the baby hairs the stick easily to excess glue.

4.)   Gradually start trimming the excess lace, the goal here is to create your hairline, only cut small amounts off at a time. Refrain from making jagged cuts in the lace only smooth precision ones. Stork scissors work well for cutting the lace.

Place the wig on your head, and evaluate how and where you would like the hairline. The goal is to find where the hairline will look most natural.

5.)   Mark or lightly outline where it is to be placed on your head. Do not apply adhesive outside these marks.

You should be able to place four fingers between your hairline and your eyebrows for the most natural look.

6.) After you have created your hairline, apply adhesive to the hairline so it can stay on your head. Let it semi-dry before placing your wig over it. It should be a little tacky sticky to the touch not stringy, for best hold results. Press down with comb.

7.) Add glue to excess spots that you may have missed. Make sure you let it semi dry before pressing down with comb. Lace should lay on forehead hairline smoothly with no ripples

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