Grey is indeed a big problem that we all face. It is not restricted to old people only but can grow on anyone’s head who is not getting certain vitamins and minerals. So, what do you do when you spot a grey hair? I read somewhere once that pulling out grey hair does not make more grey hair pop out but would you be willing to take the risk? I wouldn’t and so it was decided that dyeing is the best solution to this problem. But dyeing won’t get your own color back naturally. So here is a mix that would turn all your greys and whites into your natural hair color and just takes 30 minutes!
About 10-20 curry leaves or powder
10-15 garlic cloves
2-3 large onions
200-300 ml of coconut oil
and you can also add essential oils (optional)

The mix actually needs to be made according to the length of your hair but these ratios are to be followed closely. This not only will rid you of the off coloring but also help in regenerating your scalp skin and making it healthy and to grow hair. Coconut oil works best in this as it is more absorbent as compared to other oils. It seeps into pores and provides nutrition. If you want to grow out your hair more, then it is recommended to use castor oil. Castor oil is sticky and instead of seeping into your scalp, it will mend your damaged hair and make it grow faster. So, may use the mixture every day and apply castor oil separately every night. How to make: Mix the ingredients in a grinder Add oil to the mixture Boil the new mixture till it gets thick and caramelized Let it cool down and transfer to a bottle Apply it to your hair and wash off after 30 minutes
Do this every day for at least 2-3 months for best results. At the end of the whole process you will have shiny, smooth and long hair without unwanted grays and whites!

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