Ever look back at an old picture of yourself, see your haircut, and say to yourself, “Man, what was I THINKING?” Well, fortunately for you, your worst haircut ever just got 20x better. Scroll down, feel the immediate ego boost, and say to yourself, “Man, what were THEY thinking?”
The Literal Rattail
The saddest aspect of this haircut is, there had to have been some serious foresight involved because, c’mon, look at the LENGTH of that tail!
The Half-and-Half
Perk up, buddy. Life can’t be that bad, it’s just all about decisions – and not being able to choose between cornrows and an Afro is a really bad one.
The Dumber and Dumberest
Sometimes there’s just no explanation needed.
The Prophet
There’s something strangely portentous about this man’s chosen styling of his golden locks. And not the good. I’d say Jonestown, circa 1978, would be the best fit for this ‘do.

Mr. Green, In the High School, With the Hair Braids
Gonna go out on a limb here and say that this yearbook photo doesn’t represent anyone on the football team.

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