Vegetarians lose weight twice as fast as meat eaters, according to a study.
It revealed that in the first month of a diet, meat eaters shed 2lbs on average, but veggies drop by 4lbs.
The difference is even more noticeable if someone quits meat right at the start of a diet – with the first month’s weight loss averaging 5lbs.
A major reason why veggies tend to be better dieters is that giving up meat and fish leads to people embracing a healthier lifestyle, the research found.
The study by weight loss firm Forza Supplements found that vegetarians exercise more than meat eaters and are twice as likely to buy low fat options.
Tofu Burger
Tuck into a Tofu burger (Photo: Getty)
Lee Smith, the company’s managing director, said: “All our research shows that becoming a veggie is a great way to lose weight.
“People feel better about themselves after giving up meat products and are more likely to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
“It’s not that good lean meat is particularly calorific but we find meat eaters consistently have a higher calorie intake because the meat they eat is often cooked in an unhealthy way.
Could you give up meat if you knew you would lose weight (Photo: PA)
“A grilled chicken thigh is just 135 calories but that shoots up to 290 calories when it is fried by one of the fast food outlets, with another 300 calories if you add fries.”
The study revealed 87% of people find it easier to lose weight after giving up meat.
Just 12% of vegetarians regularly use fast food restaurants, compared to 39% of meat eaters.
Pasta con funghi
Tuck into this and you could shed TWICE as much weight
The study of 1,000 people also found veggies are twice as likely as meat eaters to be gym members.
Meat products constitute around 35% of the average meat eater’s calories.
The UK is thought to have more than four million veggies.


  1. I embraced a healthier lifestyle – 57%
  2. I ate less fattening food – 49%
  3. I avoided fast food restaurants – 32%
  4. I exercised more – 27%
  5. I ate out at restaurants less often – 22%

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