We all love ankara fabrics because of the beautiful and gorgeous styles one can make from ankara and over time ankara fashion as become so versatile that it is now a major fashion staple in the fashion world. But in order to complete the ankara fashion trend you have to know how to tie different ankara head wrap.
Gone are those days when ladies don’t know how to tie head wraps but with changes in the fashion world, ladies are now pro in tying head wraps because no one wants to go out a bad hair day with a horrible looking head wrap. Head Wraps come in handy when we are too lazy to style or make our hair but yet look stylish and keep the hair protected and we have seen different kinds of head wraps with bold prints and colours.
When tying your head wrap, creativity is the main thing, I have some ”easy to make” ankara head wraps to inspire you to try one yourself… Thank me later…


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