With the rate of bleaching cream around now, it’s becoming very hard to find beauty tips for dark skin people. Dark skin is something one should celebrate as it is not easy to get dark skin unlike how one can easily get a light skin by bleaching so if you are fortunate enough to have a dark skin cherish it.
Here is some must-know beauty tips for dark skinned beauties.
Moisturise every single day: “When dark skin gets dry, it can start to look grey and ashy, so keeping up with a daily moisturising regime is going to be vital for a lady with dark toned skin, use a good quality moisturiser every single day and after every shower or bath, that way, you’ll keep your beautiful dark skin looking healthy and radiant”.
Dark skin Take care of pimples: “One of the downsides of having a dark complexion is that acne and pimples show up more on dark skin, if you do get pimples, don’t pick at them or pop them because it will make them red, it could cause scars, and it will spread the bacteria around your skin which will cause even more pimples try using a toner on your skin and that will reduce the oils and help to prevent acne”.
Exfoliate regularly: “To keep your dark skin looking radiant, you probably need to exfoliate about once a week, you can use store-bought exfoliating scrubs, or just use something simple, like olive oil with a bit of sugar in it, exfoliating removes dead skin cells and keeps your pores clear, but do be careful not to over-exfoliate, though, or you will make your skin sore and cause irritation”.
Controlling the oil in the skin: “People with dark skin often have quite oily skin as well. You still need to moisturise, but you can control the excess oil on your skin by applying a small amount of milk of magnesia before you moisturise with a light, non-oily, moisturiser, that way, you will keep your skin hydrated, but you won’t suffer so much with greasy looking skin later on in the day”.
Use a face mask once a week: “Using a face mask once a week is something that anyone can benefit from, it keeps the skin moisturised and it helps to clear up blemishes. Some of the best types of face masks are the ones that you can make at home, like a simple mixture of honey and egg, if your skin is on the oily side, then use the white of the egg. If you have dry skin, then use the yolk mix the egg with a tablespoon of honey and you have a wonderful homemade face mask”.

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