The eyebrow is one of the most important parts of a makeup because no matter how flawless your makeup is without a properly drawn brow your face will end up looking very funny which is why even makeup artists take their time to draw the brow so it won’t appear fake or overly exaggerated.
“Brows can be defined and tamed using brows gels, fillers and even pencils which are intended to be used on the brows to enhance their appearances and give picture perfect definition but this is achieved over time and with constant practice”.
There are so many do’s and don’ts of getting a perfect brow outside and everyday we keep hearing an updated version of those do’s and don’ts, for our beauty tip of the day we will be talking about things to keep in mind when drawing your brow so you won’t end up having a funny and scary looking brow.

While we have different pencils, fillers and brow gels for the brow but they are not meant to change the colour of your brow, they are meant to just enhance your brow and fill in sparse areas of your brows. Using over dark colours and different colours on your brow will make you end up looking funny.
Your eyebrows shouldn’t be drawn from the beginning because your edges are meant to look natural so your brow filling should always come after your edges and you must make them look natural as much as possible
One thing most people fail to know is that for you to achieve a well-defined brow your natural brow must be well trimmed for you to work around.
Never ever shave off your entire brow which some people still do, why shave off your entire brow to draw them back again?doing so will only make you look tacky.

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