We have so many beauty tips, hacks and tricks available to us on the internet, same way we have so many we have so many beauty mistakes but it is not easy keeping up with all the beauty do’s and don’ts we read every day which is why most of us make some serious beauty sins that affect our skin negatively.
Here are some beauty sins that everyone should stop committing.

Not having a proper beauty regimen: Not having a proper beauty regimen is bad for the skin, at least create a routine of removing your makeup before sleeping, exfoliate your skin once or twice in a week, moisturise your skin regularly no matter how fresh and flawless your skin looks. “Exfoliation is usually done in the shower, so it wouldn’t take you extra time, and moisturising only takes about a minute, so you really have no excuse to skip it”.
Ignoring makeup expiration dates: One mistake most people make is ignoring expiration date of products, so you have to double-check the expiry date of all your beauty especially mascara as it can become a breeding grounds for bacteria which is harmful to your eyes.

Not removing your makeup at night: We all have those tiring days when we are all exhausted to the core and tempted to jump to bed without showering or removing your makeup but it is harmful to your skin so under no circumstances should you go to bed without properly removing your makeup.
Using Hot water: “Hot water has a serious drying effect on your skin which is the reason why you feel so itchy after a hot shower, before you slather the moisturiser on, in case you were wondering wash your face and shower with warm water only”. Cool water will not only make your skin feel wonderful, but it will also energise and refresh your body.
Treating your skin harshly: “Your skin does not like rough treatment, this means, along with not popping zits, not wiping your skin too harshly after a shower, and not pulling, pushing or forcefully stretching it”.

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