There is this trend in the fashion industry now, Children dressing in same outfits with their parents which are popularlyt the “Mini-Me” and the “Twinny” look.
“Fashion brands have created a niche market by designing miniature versions of adult garments, mainly for parents and their kids, so, it’s not just about wearing the same look with someone but it’s also about a mother or father and their child sharing something special”.

Well today, we are moving our focus away from mother and daughter twinny look we are moving to daddy and son gorgeous matching look and believe me, those little angels look more dapper in this outfits than their parents. This is not about wearing the same outfits with your children it’s about sharing a special bond and creating a memorable experience with your children.

Our lookbook today is inspired by dynamic, youthful, fashionable and trendy fathers as well as warm, loving and outgoing children. Be inspired.


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