Overeating is something we all do, and when we overeat we find it difficult to move around like we want. Then burping becomes a thing and the discomfort becomes too much to handle. So the next time you feel that you cannot move well because you overate, here are some things you can do to relive yourself.
Sip some ginger tea: Try sipping some ginger tea as this will reduce the discomfort and also quell nausea, in fact, drinking some ginger tea half an hour before you eat can prevent you from overeating.
Change into loose clothes: Be sure to change into loose fitting clothes after eating as wearing those tight jeans is only going to make you feel very uncomfortable.
Sit straight: Instead of slouching after eating just sit straight and stay upright, it will help ease the discomfort and improve your digestion.

Stretch: “Some stretching and twisting will also help get things moving after a big meal, you can try performing some exercise half an hour after a meal to support digestion and release toxins”.

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