Most men think that it is feminine to take care of yourself too much but of late, men have got into the habit of taking good care of themselves too and even more than woman take care of themselves. Over the years, there has been more emphasis on the way you present yourself and creating a good impression all the times, your face is always visible, and it is an inescapable fact that one always has to take care of it.
Below are some steps to take care of your facial skin, these are minimal requirements for proper facial skin care for men and there is nothing feminine about this requirement.
Facial cleansing: “It is important to clean your face at least twice a day with a good facial cleanser to get rid of the dirt on your skins outer layer, a wash in the morning before leaving your house and one after your return is sufficient because the skin on your face is far more sensitive than other parts of the body; therefore it is essential to choose the right product for washing your face and avoid products that contain alcohol or other harmful chemicals as they will dry your skin and stick to something mild”.
Facial exfoliating: “Exfoliating is an important step in proper facial care, purchase a facial scrub since body exfoliators are too rough to use on your face, make sure you exfoliate at least twice a week as this will clear your skin of the excess dirt that is too stubborn to come out with just a face wash and exfoliating before shaving will make it more comfortable as this help prevent razor burn”.

Toning and moisturising: “Toners are basically aftershaves without alcohol, alcohol usually dries out the skin, so using an alcohol based aftershave will only damage the skin further, a toner will usually contain helpful substances, and should be applied after shaving to help with the damage caused by the razor and finish your skin care regimen with moisturising because moisturising is an extremely important daily process that will help keep your skin young, supple and striking”.

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