The road to weight loss always seem like a long one to most people, they hit the gym every day or do the necessary exercises,  follow a diet plan but they still put on weight at the end of the day. Do you know that your weight gain can be as a result of few thing you do while at work? Yes,  some few things you do at work make you gain weight.
Below are few of the things you do at work that make you gain weight and make all your weight loss journey miserable.

You skip breakfast to reach work early: “Even though getting to work on time helps you complete your job on time but skipping breakfast sets up for a mid-morning energy crash which then makes you reach for those cookies and other fat and carbohydrate-rich snack items so never skip your breakfast”.
You work overtime: “You might just want to impress your boss but working overtime can certainly up to the chances of you getting your hands on comfort foods, avoid working for late and if you must do it, make sure that you prepare your dinner in the morning, so you do not have to resort to fast foods”.
 You do not stock healthy snacks on your desk: “Sure you will feel hungry in the late afternoon but when your stomach is rumbling it can be easy to reach for unhealthy snacks, stock your desk with healthy snacks like dry fruits, crackers or a tray mix of fruits”.

You overindulge in coffee: “To reduce your intake of calories, the best thing you can do is to limit yourself to just two cups of coffee in a day”.

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