Every woman wishes for gorgeously luscious locks. But we’re all guilty of bad habits that we commit every day, that damage our hair and its follicles. Most of us don’t even realise it. I definitely don’t think one should give in to vanity, especially at the cost of getting dry and damaged hair. Here are four of the most common bad hair habits that women all over the world commit which must be broken today!
Manhandling wet hair: “Manhandling a wet hair is a very unhealthy habit that can cause the dreaded split ends that you’ve been seeing in your nightmares, try taking your sweet time to dry your hair but instead of rubbing them out, wrap all of your hair in a soft cotton t-shirt and gently squeeze out the water, this way you’ll prevent split ends and your hair won’t even get frizzy all day”.
Brushing wet hair: “Wet hair is really fragile and prone to breakage so if you brush out your hair when it’s wet it’s keratin will just snap and you’ll have done enough damage that one hair treatment can’t mend”.
Brushing entangled hair from root to tips: “If you are guilty of this habit, it makes me feel sorry for your hair, if you’ve got knots in your hair and you’re trying to untangle them, always start at the bottom because when you comb your hair from the root to its tips, you are bringing all the knots down to form one huge tight knot that will be really difficult to manage, struggling to get all the tangles out and combing harshly will only lead to the surface of your hair becoming brazen and frequent and continuous combing of hair also makes it weaker and is probably one of the biggest reasons for breakage”.
You do not cover your hair at night: “Covering your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf helps your hair retain moisture, prevents roughening of the cuticle that occurs during normal sleep movements against your pillow, and helps prevent split ends”.
Heat styling: “We all make an effort to look our best every day but there are sure shot ways to attaining stylish new hairstyles without the usage of heat styling products like a flat iron or a curling iron, heat styling your hair will make it drier and leave them looking limp and if it’s absolutely necessary, try to use the product on low heat, and remember to apply a protective serum to save it from further damage”.

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