Living a healthy lifestyle can give you that glowing and beautiful glowing skin you’ve ever wanted and if you are also lucky, your genes can also play a significant role in radiating your natural beauty but asides living a healthy lifestyle and having a good genetics, eating the right fruits as well as vegetables can help you fight all skin imperfections and also enhance your natural beauty.
Below are some fruits that can help enhance your natural beauty.
Lemon: “Lemon helps in preventing discoloration of skin, cut lemon and rub it to the tanned area to get the desired result and you will see the difference in your skin, lemon is also an excellent skin toner and it can help you to get a healthy and glowing skin as well as lightens spots of ageing”.
Apple: “Apple contains antioxidants that enhance beauty, eat apple everyday to have a glowing skin, you can even mash up an apple and apply it your skin and it will help in fighting acne”.
Avocados: “Eating avocados can give your great body nutrition but avocados aren’t just for eating, you can apply avocado topically to rehydrate your dry skin and strengthen your hair and nails, its rich biotin content can perform wonders in enhancing your natural beauty and you can create a moisturising mask out of avocados just mash the fruit, the puree and the pulp and pat it gently on your face and you can also can also use the oil as an emollient on your skin since it is rich in vitamin E”.
Pineapple: ” Pineapple enhances your beauty, it helps you to get a smooth, healthy and glowing skin”.
Tomatoes: “Tomato paste is rich in lycopene, which helps prevent sunburn when mixed with olive oil. lycopene supplies antioxidants, which are excellent for your skin and it is also rich in carotenoid, which protects your body from free radicals, slowing down cellular damage”.

So ladies use these fruits and vegetables to enhance your beauty naturally.

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