There are some certain fashion items every man must have in his wardrobe no matter how rich or poor or irrespective social class you belong to, you don’t have to be ver rich to have these fashion items as you can easily get cheap but classy ones the most important thing is for you to have those items in your wardrobe.
Below are some fashion must-have for every man whether stylish or not.
Native Attire: “It is important to have at least one native attire in your wardrobe as a man because apart from the fact that it reflects your roots, there will always be an occasion that would require you to wear a native attire which is why it is important you have one or two native attire in your wardrobe”.
Quality wristwatch: “It’s awkward to always have to pull out your phone to check the time, having a wristwatch is not only fashionable but also comes with its usefulness just imagine a cute lady you got your eyes on asks you for the time and you simply pull back your sleeves and reveal a classy choice of watch before revealing the time to her, this can make a whole lot of difference”.
A sleek leather wallet: “The wallet helps to keep your cash and ATM cards handy and as such is a must-have fashion accessory that every man should own, leather wallets are great for both formal and casual attires and whether you choose a black or brown coloured wallet, it blends in and never goes out of fashion”.
Suit: “It is important that you have at least one bespoke suit for whatever corporate event you will be attending, even if you hardly attend events that require you wear a suit, still get one as it’s embarrassing to appear at formal events in casual wears”.
A Tie: “You’d require ties to go along with your suit, it’s essential you have a variety of ties but going for a solid tie would do you a lot of good but remember to go for trendy styles and colours if you wear ties on a regular basis”.
Shoes and belts: “This might be perhaps the greatest fashion mishap men make by mismatching the colour of their belt with that of their shoes, wearing black shoes and a black belt is a fashion fundamental and will complete your suave look for any occasion, be it casual or formal and as such you should have a pair of black leather shoes and a black leather belt”.

Jeans: “Blue jeans are a classic item you should have in your wardrobe, the colour looks good irrespective of the age of the jeans added to the fact that they are comfortable, versatile and can be combined with an array of shoes from sneakers to sandals, or loafers to provide a great sporty look”.
Casual Shirt: “It is essential to have Casual shirts such as a polo or button down in your wardrobe, they can go well with jeans or other casual chinos trousers”.
Perfume/Body spray: “Want to smell good?then get yourself a bottle of perfume, roll-on and body spray that smells cool and lasts longer and they will help to alleviate body odours that are common to the male species”.

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