https://i2.wp.com/greennews.ng/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/guy-ugly-makeup.jpg?resize=768%2C432&ssl=1As ladies, we like to dress and look good all in a bid to boost our self-esteem as well as impress guys which at times make us go to the extreme with our beauty routine. Those beauty routines have become part of some ladies that they tend to forget themselves and make some mistakes in order to follow trends and look beautiful, those beauty mistakes they make often turn guys off.
Here are some beauty mistakes that ladies make which turn guys off.
Perfume overload: “Perfume overload is one of the most common beauty mistakes that ladies, often make, they think the more – the better but when it comes to perfume – too much is too much, avoid spraying your perfume all over your hair and body”.
Avoid overloading your eyelashes with mascara: “It can look like your lashes can crawl, which can repel guys, rather than attract them but instead, curl your lashes before applying mascara and do one or maximum two coats for beautiful, natural looking result”.

Layers of concealer and foundation: “Plastering your face with foundation is one of the things ladies do, but, guys prefer natural-looking makeup and realistically looking skin, when you layer your moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation and you finish it up with powder, all this caked up “painting material” on your face can rub off on your clothes (and his too) so ladies, if you want your man to appreciate your makeup talents, try to enhance your natural beauty; make sure to stick with lightweight foundation and use your concealer sparingly”.
Scary nails: “Well, if you want to play it safe with manicure, avoid wearing too long nails, also, avoid neon, dark or craggy manicures, because all this can really freak your man out, wear neutrals or classic reds instead, and make sure your nails are always in great condition”.

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