Almost everybody talks about beauty do’s and don’ts because everybody is now conscious of their looks but most of these people dishing out beauty tips rarely highlight the beauty mistakes people make which actually cause more harm than good to people.
Below are some crucial beauty mistakes every woman should stay away from.
Brushing the hair in the shower: “Most people tend to brush their hair while shampooing to avoid entangling them, when you take a shower, our hair follicles tend to open up and that’s when they are most fragile so, brushing them will only result in breakage and it will roughen up the outer layer of your hair causing them to weaken and further fall”.
Leaving on a face mask for too long: “You would never get beautiful skin by leaving on the mask on your face for a longer period because even though face masks have minimal amount of chemicals, but they’re still chemicals that may harm your skin so by leaving the mask on your face for long, you’re allowing the chemicals to further damage your delicate facial skin and if you have the mask on your face for a long time, it may over-dry your skin thereby causing fine lines and wrinkles”.
Picking chapped lips: “Do not pick chapped lips no matter how tempted you may be to do so, the lip has the most sensitive skin and when it’s dry and chapped, it needs the most amount of care so if you’re ripping off the skin by picking out chapped lips, you are damaging your skin and calling for dark, dry lips and don’t ever lick your lips, to prevent them from chapping”.
Using a blunt eye pencil: “If you really care about your delicate eyes, don’t be lazy to sharpen your eye pencil, or liner, using an unsharpened pencil on your eyelids can cause the rough, wooden edges of the pencil to tear at the delicate tissue around your eyes”.

Using powder on a dirty face: “You have a long day at work and are heading to an after-work party, you’d certainly want to powder your face up, to avoid looking oily so you take your powder sponge and dab it on your face, and get all the dirt, grime and sebum on the sponge and put it back into the product, with this habit, you’re sure to find an oily film on your product sooner than later making it unusable and his habit may also result in pimples, as dabbing on dirty product every day is far from a healthy beauty hack”.

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