Today on our beauty tip of the day, we will be talking about beautiful lips, lipsticks hack you can use for long lasting lipstick.
“To achieve longer lasting lip colour, mix your lip pencil with your lipstick on the back of your hand and then, apply it on your lips using a lip brush”.
“Play with lipstick colours, mix and match different shades, create your own original lip colours”.
“If you have trouble to line up your lips perfectly, then try this trick, apply your lip pencil in dots around your lips and then, connect all these dots together but make sure to follow your natural lip line”.
“Try applying your lipstick with a lip brush, it will make your application more precise and your lipstick tube will last longer”.
“If you want to keep your lipstick on while eating, discretely lick the tip of your glass before drinking, it will prevent your lipstick from printing on the utensil”.

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