Who doesn’t like luscious pink lips? we all do but unfortunately, hyperpigmentation of the lips is a common problem for people. If you are craving for pink lips and flaunt it to others then simply follow the below-given tips.
Exfoliation is the key: “Dead skin tends to accumulate not only on your face and body but also on your lips, so, ensure you exfoliate them at least twice a week, just dip an inch of your fingertip in water, and touch sugar with it so that sugar sticks to it then exfoliate your lips by gently yet firmly rubbing sugar on them and wipe the sugar off the lips and follow it up with a generous application of lip balm”.
“You can also exfoliate by gently scrubbing away the dead skin on your lips with a cotton ball dipped in olive oil”.

“Apply lip balm in the night before sleeping, leave overnight and wake up to soft pink lips”.
“Avoid lip balms with brown hues, instead choose neutral, pink and subtle reds”.
“Do not wet your lips with your tongue, since saliva tends to dry up your lips more, and makes them darker and do not bite your lips in times of stress, as that could lead to dried and cracked lips, instead, resort to a chewing gum as it can help you with the oral fixation”.
“Have loads of water through the day”.
“Orange and lemon are a rich source of Vitamin C, which aids in achieving pink lips”.
Aloe vera is another good remedy, It soothes the lips and protects them from sun’s harsh heat”.
“Avoid using petroleum jelly on your lips, since, contradictory to its reputation, it makes lips dark”.
“Use an orange peel to cleanse the skin of your lips and to lighten the dark skin tone of your lips”.

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