Are you always waking up with tired and puffy eyes?waking up to tired and puffy eyes can be very annoying especially when you have an appointment to keep, lack of sleep is the major causes of puffy eyes but there are other factors like allergies and an imbalanced diet that can also make your look exhausted.
Below are some solutions to puffy and tired eyes.

Limit your salt intake: “Limit your overall salt intake if your eyes often tend to get puffy, too much salt in your diet can cause dehydration, which can lead to water retention in your body and this shows more around the eyes because the skin around the eyes is thin and it is thus prone to water retention so drink plenty of water to keep your system hydrated and prevent puffy eyes”.
Dab on some milk: “Applying milk can be an excellent way to shrink the under eye tissue, the protein and lactic acid in milk can calm swollen skin so simply dip a cotton ball in a little milk, squeeze out the excess and place the cotton ball over your eyes and leave it for 2-3 minutes, your eyes will look less exhausted”.
Green tea bag works great: “Green tea is also a great way to reduce your under eye bulge as green tea contains caffeine that can constrict the tiny blood vessels under the skin around your eyes, simply dip a tea bag in a mug of hot water, remove the tea bag and allow the bag to cool to room temperature”. Placing the tea bag for 15-20 minutes can help tighten the skin under your eyes.

Splash some cold water: “Splash some cold water on your eyes, you can try putting spoons in a refrigerator at night and placing the spoons on your eyes in the morning, the cold temperature will restrict the blood flow to the area under your eyes, which in turn will reduce the swelling and redness”.

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