Most times we stock unnecessary things in our makeup bags, things we never use for months and they get dry or expires but we end up moving them all around every day all in the name of going out with our makeup purse. Today, we will be giving you tips on necessary things that you need in your makeup purse so you can empty those big makeup purses of yours and sort them out,
Below are top beauty must haves in your makeup purse that you need to put back after sorting them out.
Concealer: “Every girl needs her concealer, it hides a multitude of sins from dark circles under eyes to slight blemishes, so keep it handy”.
Blush: “Blush is always good to keep in the bag, if you don’t have naturally rosy cheeks, blush can help, a little touch up of blush towards the end of the day brings back that fresh and glowing look you had in the morning”.
Eyeliner: “Eyeliner has an annoying tendency to wear off or smudge in the course of a day, so this is definitely something that has to be in your makeup purse”.
Moisturiser: “Moisturizer is a must, if you suffer from dry skin, keeping your skin, particularly your hands, hydrated is essential in the winter months, so don’t forget to moisturize each time you wash your hands to keep you skin moist and supple”.

Lipstick: “Despite the claims of some manufacturers, no one has invented the guaranteed, all day, lipstick yet so keep some handy in your bag to keep your lips in tip top shape all day long”.
Hairbrush: “Your hair may be immaculate when you walk out your front door, but, one strong gust of wind and you will look like you’ve been dragged through the proverbial hedge backwards; so always packing a hairbrush is a must”.
Mascara: “A quick swipe of mascara can make all the difference, but without the curl to go with it, it’s not the same so keep both, your eyelash curler and your mascara in the bag for full, gorgeous eyelashes”.
Powder: “No powder stay all day no matter what makeup artists say, so keep your powder in your makeup purse for touch up during the day”.

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