TY Bello who shared the photos on her Instagram page wrote;
“God is always planting gardens .. in and around us . We also become part of the eco system that sustains the ‘plantings’ going on in the lives of those we engage . 
I remember over a decade ago sitting at her table and listening to her and her husband talk about visiting someone who was terminally ill and then move on to other conversations about rescuing and helping some strangers.. ..somewhere …
I was much younger then and their conversations always seemed a little ‘heavy’ ..why did they have to be so.. ‘intense’..all the time? I always left thinking .. what in the world am I doing with my life ..
But it was good .. they were one sure way of God pulling me out of my own selfish head and connecting me to reality. And reality usually is .. ‘heavy’.
I thought about our conversation and understood.. that getting involved in the chaos of other people’s lives.. was indeed also part of Gods gardening .. He builds us somewhat into fortresses when we allow Him. We become a place where others can hide and find relief. Sowing seeds of compassion in them..and they in turn find a way to do the same for others ,and so this garden keeps getting bigger.
Happy 50th birthday aunty Dolly. Thanks for remaining true and sharing the beauty of the garden that is your life with everyone .Blessings .
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