The moment every lady understands that fashion is not about overly exposing their body, the better and classier we all get, no matter your religion fashion and style should be about staying true to yourself. and should be able to balance your religion and your style.
For every muslimah, hijab is a very important part of the whole outfits, it is one of the things that defines a muslimah and also the first thing people notice when they see you.
Talking about modest fashionable women; Basma Kahie is one of my favourite, she has slowly created a niche for herself and stays real to her personality. She is considered a role model by many young hijabis and is known for her sense of style which speaks for the Muslimahs, proving that modest fashion can also be
Basma Kahie is a Muslimah who never fails to amaze the world with her extraordinary sense of fashion. Her style has always been a proof that you don’t have to show skin to be stylish, her outfits are elegantly simple and her make-ups are always impeccable.
What do you think about our look of the day?

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