When it comes to suits, there are so many colours for the groom to choose from, unlike brides who restrict themselves to white dresses until recently that brides have been experimenting with colours but we have noticed men have been scared to experiment with colours and have restricted themselves to blue and black suits.
“Ever so often, you come across groom’s wedding suit and think “Wow, who will have thought that this colour could look nice?”. We’ve been saying it for ages that we need grooms to step up their game, gone are the days when grooms only wore black, brown or grey suits, now grooms are becoming more bold with their outfits wearing colours like green, yellow, pink, purple and much more.
On our series of wedding glam today, we will be showing different unconventional suit colours a groom can work for his wedding but you need to know that while choosing an unconventional suit colour could work, care still needs to be taken to ensure that this doesn’t go to the extreme, and does not conflict with all the other wedding colours! Below are some daring colours grooms can try for their wedding.

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