Pimples and stubborn pimples that show up at the same all spot all the time are not new to most people, they are referred to as acne. Most people spend time on daily routines that end up giving them more acne and those acnes develop when your pore, which is shaped like a long tube, branches out and causes oil to take a detour from its path to the surface of your skin.
Below are some major reasons why you keeping having pimples on the same spot all the time.

Squeezing: “Often times, you want to excavate pimples, when you get two forefingers in for a good squeeze with the goal of excavating your pimple’s contents, you run the risk of breaking the side of the follicle, you will know it when you see clear fluids and blood and this is a major no, as it increases the scarring risk”.
Touching: “A few things transpire when you mess with a blackhead; your fingers and nails not only transfer dirt and bacteria but stimulate blood flow to the area, inflammation alone can stimulate more skin cells and sebum to be produced in acne prone people, which leads to more blockages and more blockages lead to more breakouts”.
Picking: “Picking can spread acne bacteria to an adjacent follicle, so basically the pore next door now becomes a pimple, picking off a scab just opens up newly healed skin tissue to the outside world that’s chock full of airborne bacteria, dirt, and viruses, so the whole cleanup process begins again and many times results in an angrier pustule than what you had prior”.
So you should be mindful of how you deal with pimples on your face so they won’t keep appearing on the same spot.

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