Both men and women wear native wears but the truth is that a lot of things have changed in this age even in the fashion world and over the years there has been a lot of improvement from what a native wear was and what it is now.
“Some of fashion trends that were in existence back in the olden days are coming back with a bit of refinement in design, trends like the popular Agbada have been in existence and they are now more refined unlike the olden days same as the Kaftans [with length almost sweeping the floor] were also popular then, but they are more refined now to lengths just below the knee and with a bit of English touch to it such as the use of double cuff design in the wrist section such that it can be worn with cufflinks”.
Men make a lot of mistakes while wearing natives which is what this article is all about. We will be discussing some rules that apply when wearing natives wear.
“Ensure the trouser length is reaching just on the top of the shoe and not sweeping the ground when you walk, to be safe, ensure your tailor’s measurement of your trouser length stops just at your ankle and not before your ankle (unless you choose Jump-Up Style) and certainly not after (irrespective of what you choose)”.
“Avoid wearing your simple native wears with dress shoes or any other form of Lace-Ups Men’s Shoes”.

“It’s quite common to see men wear socks on native attires, this is so wrong so avoid wearing socks with your shoes when wearing native wears, there is no excuse for this no matter where you live but if you want to wear sock go for half socks and not ankle sock”.

“Avoid wearing your native wears with Canvas shoes, Running/Sports shoes for men, no matter the type, we don’t care about the Brand or how expensive it is, it just doesn’t work”.
“Avoid wearing native wears with Leather Slippers for special occasions or events such as Wedding, Cocktail Parties, Grand occasions etc but you can wear this if it’s for a simple look or casual business or when hanging out for a drink or any other leisure activities, just make sure you are wearing a classic one”.
“Avoid wearing native wears with sports wrist watches, same way sports watches should never be worn with a suit, it is frowned upon by many a fashion expert so try to avoid making this fashion faux-pas”.
“Avoid wearing native wears with belts, It doesn’t matter if you are trying to match your shoe and belt colour, the rule just doesn’t apply here The trousers are supposed to fit your exact waist size or made with an adjustable strap on the side”.
“You can wear Sandals [Nice Leather Sandals] with your native wears, this especially fits Agbada, Dashiki and Kaftans”.

“You SHOULD wear your native wears with ONLY leather wrist watches or nice gold or silver wrist watch and never with a Sports wrist watch”.

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