In this world of fashion, it is no news that women are the most stylish and creative in the human race, this is not to say men are not stylish but men have given it to women to be 100% fashion conscious. Forget it, women know how to rock whatever pieces they wear perfectly well and they can make even a handkerchief look stunning with their fashion skills which are why women have taken over some men’s fashion and totally owned it, let’s take the men’s Danshiki and Agbada as an example, women have taken over this trend and owned it like it was originally created for them but that’s, not the only male fashion a woman can own.

There is other men’s fashion trend that every stylish lady should try out and they are listed below.
Mega cape: “Going through various runways, men have been known to rock the mega cape but as you know we always rock it better, with curves and all, women can rock this cape fashion better”.
Tuxedo pants: “Tuxedo is men’s fashion but innovations have been made to accommodate women in this fashion and that’s where the tuxedo stripe pants come in, stylishly pair it with a loose top and pumps with a purse and you are good to go”.
Flight jackets: “This one fashion that gets better as it ages, this jacket combined well with trouser pants or skirt for a less casual look and simply stylish is the word for this.word for this”.

Band or printed jackets: “We can equally dress like rock stars, so to march to the beat of your own drum in a band jackets, tee and denim shorts, finish it up with a pair of boots”.
Embellished jackets: “We’ve seen guys rocking printed jackets but we even added different features to printed jackets ”Stones”.
Bold Branding:“The trend to make people know what you are wearing is bold branding. A common trend among the males but we can always rock whatever we want, be it a tee or dress, brand it up shows up the designers you rock”.

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