Traditional Wedding is no doubt one of the most important days in a brides life, it is the day people get to see the brides in their glamorous styles of African attire. Traditional weddings are very important in the lives of two people coming together as one, as even the bible recognizes it because without the traditional wedding rite every wedding is considered as null and void, it is compulsory to either do traditional wedding or white wedding, otherwise, there is no Marriage.
Fast forward to the modern age, every other tribe now adorns the traditional western head wrap popularly called the “Gele”. The “Gele” has definitely taking over, a lot of women from other tribes can be seen appropriating this style into their tradition and who can blame them, the gele makes you look fabulous
As brides, all your traditional African attire won’t make any sense if you don’t pair it with suitable bridal gele and make up that will make you look your best on that day which is why I have compiled some inspirational bridal gele trends.

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